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Meeting Notes ​ MEETING #1--- 1/9/2020 LOCATION: MOOSE LODGE 545 CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 PM Adjourned: 7:28 PM PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE FALLEN BROTHERS GONE TO THE GOLDEN HILLS: OLDE BUSINESS: · San Lorenzo Valley Chili Cook Off:: Was a successful event, Fun was had by all. $9501 bucks earned for the Felton Library. Felton Library loves the Clampers. Cary gave many thanks for all the help of the red shirts. • Chapter made it in print for dedication of Cement Ship plaque...thanks Hashface! • Toy drive was hella successful. raised $1849. Thanks to all involved including Widder of the Year Sarah, Front Brake, Kent for the buttons, Hobbs and company for the raffle and the cook crew for filling our bellies. NEW BUSINESS: • Try not to walk thru dining hall if Mooses is having a meeting • Jan 19th Close Capers needs help moving • Jan 25th work party at Possy House (Nancy loves us) • Jan 11th Emperor Norton Day in Colma 10:01, Woodlawn Cemetery • Feb 8th Bean Feed @ Auburn FairGrounds go to LSD3 FB page for more info • 1797 is cooking at Grand Council May 16th and need the Brothers to help...stay tuned for volunteer opportunities to help out. • 1846 Meeting Jan 16th • 1850 Mtn. Charlie Day Jan 18th • 1850 Mt. Charlie General meeting Jan 24th • Passed the hat to contribute to the Moose Building Improvement fund and raised $178 for our name to be on a contributors square • Crab feed...all you can eat $45 Moose Lodge Feb 8th The red shirts that showed up to the first meeting of the year. Aaron Yelland • Alan Burros • Alex Lewis • Bill Kaufman • Chris Sartain • Daniel Goodwin • Dave “Grumpy” Wendt Dave Rosenow • Doug Franklin • Eric Clouser • Eric Overeem • Erik Beeson • Hayden Goodwin Jimbo Cavanagh • John Mariner • John Torres • Julian Padilla • Ken Gilbert • Kent Diethrick • Kent Gallick Pete Peterson • Rob Ramer • Seth Gano • Stephen Martenuk • Tom “Jasper" Cannell • Trevor O’Neil Michael paul • Steve Pokémon • Greg Hill • Nigel • Rich Binell • Jeff Goshorn • Jack Baxter
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