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ECV 1797 schedule of events for 6029

1/27 County wide Plaque Cleaning and Plaque assessment / meet @ Micheal Paul’s work (Fault Line) for a few libations as thanks for them donating beer for Swanton

2-8 General Meeting

*Bean Feed Date TBA cook/hawk

2-24 Work Party Posse Grounds

3-14 General Meeting

3-30* Work Party Swanton

Erik Overeem wants to donate trees to plant at Swanton

4-11 General Meeting

4-20 Work Party Loma

4-27 Geezer Round up

5-9 General Meeting

5-17/5-18 Grand Council meetings and Hawk/ Possible work party

5-25 Felton remembers Parade Cook Montys

6-13 General Meeting

6-15 * Work Party Swanton if needed.

6-21/6-23 Swanton Doins

7-4 Aptos Parade/after Froggys

7-11 General Meeting

7-20 Work Party TBA Ioof Boulder Creek

8-8 General Meeting

Work Party 8-24 TBA

9-12 General Meeting *

maybe have meeting at loma

9-13/9-14 Loma Doins

9-28 Work Party TBA

10-4/10-6 Outhouse Races

10-10 General Meeting

*Widders Ball by VNGH Date TBA

6 Chapter TBA

11-21 Passing of The Staff

Family Day will be worked in depending on loma avail and Ball dates

Plaque Ideas

Lime Kilns UCSC

Aptos Bridge

Boardwalk Big Dipper 100 yrs old

Soquel Floods starting 1800s put on Sir Froggies property

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