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ECV 1797 schedule of events for 6028

Jan 7th Emperor Norton Day - Hawking

Jan 12th General Meeting

Jan 28th Work Party Davenport Jail

Feb 9th General Meeting

Feb 11th LSD #3 Bean Feed - Cooking/Hawking

Feb 25th Work Party TBD

March 9th General Meeting

March 25th Work Party Posse House

Apr 13th General Meeting

Apr 15th Work Party (if needed) Posse House

Apr 22nd Candlelight Doins Posse House

May 11th General Meeting

May 19th-21st Grand Council - All hands on deck for Sublime Noble Grand Humbug “Crapper”

May 27th Felton Remembers Parade

Jun 8th General Meeting

Jun 23rd-25th Doins Swanton Ranch

Jul 4th Aptos Parade

Jul 13th General Meeting

Jul 29th Work Party TBD

Aug 10th General Meeting

Aug 26th Work Party TBD

Sep 14th General Meeting

Sept 23rd Work Party Camp Loma

Oct 6th-8th Virginia City Outhouse Races

Oct 14th Work Party Camp Loma

Oct 20th-22nd Doins Camp Loma

Nov 11th Widder’s Ball TBD - Vice’s Pick

Nov 16th Passing of the Staff

TBD Six Chapter TBD - Hosted by 1846

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